This theme encompassing all things beauty stems from my passion for not only cosmetics, but courage and self empowerment. Beauty has an indefinite meaning and can be interpreted in a variety of ways based on personal perception. While physical attractiveness is the textbook definition of beauty, every perceivable element is highly subjective to its own grace and elegance. What one person may find attractive, might not be recognized the same way. The definition of beauty truly replicates the grace of it all, you can find beauty in everything and every one has unique qualities that contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

I love what skincare and beauty products can do for your skin, keeping it young and healthy for years, as long as it is used correctly. I love how many different looks a person can achieve and all the colors you can use to express your personality and emotions. Makeup is an art on its own, allowing people to showcase their skills and creativity. From special effects to daily makeup to red carpet looks, beauty is suitable for everyone and anyone.