For the oily skin type

Oily skin types are typically more prone to blemishes and shinier complexions. While it is important to blot throughout the day, it is essential to start your morning with the correct skin care and beauty products to minimize oil releasing from your pores. Whether you’re aiming for a dewy or matte finish, oils combined with foundation can give your complexion a greasy look. 

This process begins the night before right before bed. It is important to wash your face thoroughly to remove all makeup, dirt and any oil produced from the previous day. This will allow your skin to look fresh and clean for the next day. Use gentle and natural facial cleansers to prevent irritation and redness. One thing you should know is that washing the face too much can cause your skin to dry out, so try to minimize this to once a day.

If you don’t already use toner in your skincare routine, try applying toner in the morning. Toner balances out the pH level in your skin, which helps control oil and prevents the skin from drying throughout the day.

Finding an oil-free moisturizer and primer is essential to minimize oil. If you use an oily moisturizer, then you’re just adding more oil to your face. The function of a primer is to keep your makeup on all day. You can also find anti-shine primers to prep your skin for foundation. This will help smooth out any blemishes and fill out your pores to give your skin an even surface for application.

There are two types of foundations for oily skins, a matte liquid foundation or powder foundation. Powder foundation is helpful in absorbing excess oil throughout the day, although don’t go overboard and apply too much. If you’re using a liquid foundation, set your face with a translucent powder, especially in the t-zone, to reduce shininess.

While these tricks are useful in creating a matte finish, it’s still likely you will get oily throughout the day. Carry blotting papers with you at all times and blot as needed, never rub. This will ensure your makeup looking fresh and in place all day.