What is beauty?

Hello everyone!

This theme encompassing all things beauty stems from my passion for not only cosmetics, but courage and self empowerment. Beauty has an indefinite meaning and can be interpreted in a variety of ways based on personal perception. While physical attractiveness is the textbook definition of beauty, every perceivable element is highly subjective to its own grace and elegance. What one person may find attractive, might not be recognized the same way. The definition of beauty truly replicates the grace of it all, you can find beauty in everything and every one has unique qualities that contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

Whether you feel more comfortable with or without makeup, it is important to always feel confident in your own skin. Self-confidence is a sensitive topic for many people, and usually they lack the self-esteem to work towards building it. Cosmetics are a fun way to express your emotions and let your personality shine. Just as there are many different ways to apply makeup, there are also many beauty products tailored for every skin type and color. While makeup is a quick alternative for individuals to look and feel pretty, the possibilities are limitless.